@sacralux@masto.ai @addyosmani Agree with that, as long as the comment migrates in spirit (explaining the "why", a pointer back to the bug) to the test.

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Best practices for writing code-comments by Ellen Spertus: bit.ly/codecmts

Often, comments should only answer questions code can't (e.g. the "why")


@raymondlesley Whamageddon, I like it!

I think I'm going to reset - I don't think covers should count. They don't earbug as hard as the original. What are your rules on that one?

There's only one more, that Transiberian Orchestra song. I think we've only had to resort to avoiding that once, we had a satellite radio trial and a road trip and made bad choices.

Unfortunately I already heard the third stage song, , thanks no thanks .

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This means I advance to the next stage, avoiding . So far so good.

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I like to see how long post-Thanksgiving I can avoid hearing Last Christmas. Unfortunately this year, 1 day, although it was a cover - don't know whether to count that, it hasn't happened before.

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I didn't even see the thing until now. This was a riff off an article about adaptive books/textbooks.

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A social network around choose your own adventure content would be fun (turn to page 2) suck (turn to page 70 don't peek it's a the end page.)

Dreamt <popular local uni> football player tossed a game by tossing his helmet on a last-second return. Sportscasters blamed earlier shenanigans on the sidelines - the player was making out with a wig dummy made human height by stacked Gatorade barrels. 🤷‍♀️

Dreamt about the letter Q and G merging into a single letter. And then I came up with an original composition in the style of John (Cougar) Mellencamp that woke me up, even earwormed me into not being able to sleep for a bit.

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Mastodon navel gazing 

If Tumblr becomes a mastodon node through ActivityPub, that’s actually brilliant, finally a mainstream app and mature ecosystem I would send regular folks to instead of twitter or the main mastodon instances, also smart business move by Mullenweg to capitalize on twitter migration with a good alternative that serves everyone’s immediate needs

As a child with a tad of Elmer's glue pooling/soak-through/wrinkle/spill trauma, I get it, and I'm sure teachers appreciate non-spill, but glue stick is too much stick and not enough sticky. Back in my day!

Back of the glue stick package says ingredients are:

80% stick
20% glue

(Nouns, not verbs)

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I logged into mastodon just now & the first post I saw was someone advocating for content warning tags over all self-promotion of books or writing. And just like, hell no.

One, writing is my job, & telling me to hide it feels terribly wrong. 1/

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Más de 8 mil millones de personas en todo el mundo y muy pocos saben que los chiles cambian de nombre cuando se secan.

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