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Getting a lot of email lately from local businesses telling me phones are down.

As you give your email out to trees, you hear an increasing number of forest sounds. Sometimes falling noises. I wasn't going to call y'all anyway but thanks!

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I like the implication here that people are diagnosed having trouble focusing often because they have to focus often. As we in aggregate increasingly don't need to focus, it does suck to have to be one of those who does, and sometimes I can't, but it's also easy for me a lot of the time w/ no chemical help (noodly music does help.)

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I'd like to understand more about why people apply CW vs. tagging. Maybe CW is appropriate as the opposite of tagging? - "this content is not meant for anyone to find, it embarasses me, it is the opposite of tagged/searchable?" (That is not how I'd like to see titled posts go down!)

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Armchair quarterbacking 

Emergent/unexpected use of software features is to be expected, but I'd roll out a title mode for this pretty quickly in response - I suspect most people don't want to read/dismiss what people are writing as title (but it's fine if people want to write a title.)

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The thing where people use Mastodon content warning as a title is questionable. Once people are accustomed to ignoring a warning it's broken.

These rocket photo-measurement markers remind me of the "Purina logo" in the sci-fi.

That's what happens to QR codes in the future (and long ago, far away): there's just one code, it always means "dog food."

I like "Super chat" (pay-for Q&A) like the way NASA Spaceflight tube channel does it. Reminds me of PBS pledge drives but with rockets.

(I remember people also calling them "tabs", and Excel UI does use that language sometimes - "sheet tabs." I don't know if Sheets does.)

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Google Sheets kinda flattens everything out into "sheets" doesn'it - the document and a document part can end up being called the same thing.

Excel steered "workbook" "worksheet (sheet)" here, but I remember Excel users I interviewed when doing UX work ending up at "it's all sheets" just the same.

Forgot we taggy here, thatsa .

"Reuse before build" (because otherwise you'll be washing a giant pile of barely-used laundry)

"0, 1, or N" (it really is best not to do it at all, but if you have to, try something that's low risk, does what's needed, helps you learn. If it comes up again, spend the time to do it right using what you learned. This conservation of energy is often necessary to cover all the other bases we talked about.)

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Lessons from fathers to sons, extracted from software engineering:

"Don't throw it (cleaning) over the wall"
"Understand why, so you'll recognize when (cooking) recipes are putting unnecessary constraints in place - making it more complex, less fun, than it need be"

(I think the exact quote is "programming integrated over time" - as in, the area under a curve that does not exist until some programming occurred.)

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Programming is far more difficult and involved than typing, obviously. It has its own timeline, iteration. But some timelines that are quite complicated, often involve no typing, simply don't exist until something's written down.

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Software engineering is "programming over time." (Says the flamingo book.)

This is pretty similar to what I used to say: programming is "type something" (sounds easy enough), software engineering is "deal with the existence of what was typed" (it depends, but this can be a lot harder than typing.)


- toilet seat
- can opener
- canning jar

all within hours yesterday. I'm still incredulous about the toilet seat - that's top of the list for "things you didn't expect to have to replace that often as a homeowner."

(I don't remote-install a lot of games, I assume that doesn't happen immediately in this mode? As long as they install by next session that's fine, I usually forget until I see the notification they're installed anyway. And game updates end up late? Anything else to be aware of? I'm sorta a miser with electricity.)

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Doesn't seem like the sleep/quick resume option on Xbox Series X serves much purpose - it boots from full shutdown faster than I remember a PS1 booting.

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