Often I search for something like, "What's the OS Alt for XYZ?" But now I wonder, "what's the proprietary version of it?" In particular, I have no idea what is the off-the-shelf equivalent that a lay user might know for ?

@ianp5a haha :) that made me laugh. I forgot about that company even more than I forget about WordPerfect

@worldsendless Yes. There is so much I've left behind and forget was mainstream. A bit like people smoking in bars, and I haven't driven a car for many years either.

@worldsendless I live in a city. So cycling is the easiest way. No parking or traffic problems. No huge costs either.
And I love my bike trailer for any big things.

@ianp5a ah! That makes excellent sense. I live 45 miles from my on-site office, so drive to the nearest train and take transit the rest of the way. I did consider figuring out how to tie cycling in to that process, though, but didn't get it worked out.

@worldsendless Yes. It can be tricky. Since I started working from home I got no exercise. So now I cycle to an empty office 3 days a week.

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