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For Clojure as a 1st language it depends upon where you want to go. But here are great trail-heads:

- the best talks, most of which don't actually involve code:

- @yogthos list of beginner resources:

- But most of all, the community:,, That last one includes an awesome aggregator of all of them.

One of the issues with the (and which is just a great big text-oriented repl) is that it is additive in nature; it usually takes major effort or a restart to REMOVE things once they've been added (thinking on plugins which modify app state).

gc is already a wonder for freeink up space. `guix gc --delete-generations` just freed over 50GB. Now will my exwm stop loading emacs 28.2 when at a prompt I get 29?

Today I learned about , apparently as an OS alternative to . Full disclosure: I've never actually used matlab. Does anyone have experience with Octave? Was it good?

ah, the pains of being a power user. "Is it stable? How often do you restart?"

Well, it's not usually the software's fault. At least, not under normal usage.

Firefox just worked up my browser and froze my machine. I switched to a terminal and ran `pkill firefox`. Now I am keeping a close eye on my `about:processes` tab.

My life is so much better after I removed . Things that I just wrote off as failing before, and as freezing my process, just WORK now. For example, it turns out that "elfeed update" causes big buffer changes and that undotree was freezing the thread trying to track those changes. Same story with Telega startup. I had really suspected that my HD was failing; it didn't occur to me that I was getting sabotaged by a global buffer-monitoring plugin.

I was experiencing freezes of sometimes up to 30 seconds about 3/4 of the the time when I used my muscle memory to hit "undo", which I do as part of my regular "kill-line undo" combo. Something must have changed recently because I started to have show-stopping freezes of my emacs thread when I tried a routine "undo." I finally managed to squeeze a `toggle-debug-on-quit` and, with a bit of patience, got a C-g in during the freeze. The culprit in the resulting stack trace was my global undo-tree mode, which in combination with my other settings must have started failing. I turned it off by removing the line in my init.el and also running `global-undo-tree-mode` to toggle the mode and&; far, no more funny freezes on undo. There are occasions when the undo tree is great and useful, but not at the cost of sometimes completely being a show stopper.

The fact that out-of-the-box includes "undo-in-region" is not only super cool, but also extremely useful. I just copied a bunch of stuff, changed it into org headings, updated the title, then realized that the stuff had multiple lines, so I undid just the heading part and removed the linebreaks before going back to headings -- without undoing the title change.

@dinozombie @pluralistic When slavery was officially abolished, the white majority in the US *scrambled* to replace it with various practices that would get them as close to reinstating slavery as possible: share-cropping, Jim Crow, and as you've already pointed out, forced labour via incarceration.

I need a bunch of historical weather data. After some dead ends, I've found Open-Meteo:

- years of data
- hourly observations
- all the metrics, even weird ones
- downloadable as CSV
- API available
- free for non-commercial use

I'm in total shock. This is the greatest service of all time, and it's been right here all along --> @openmeteo

Will "Live Tweeting" a big event cause issues on a instance? I know that cross-posting back in the day between Twitter and Mastodon seemed not good

Today I am reminded that the difference between lazy "a la" and correct "à la" is called a "grave accent," not the pinyin 4th tone. We are doing french-english, not chinese-latin characters! In that's "LATIN SMALL LETTER A GRAVE"

Upgraded to check; mute system on-off. Somehow my VLC had been set to mute (but nothing else in the system). Weird.

til the most used web engine is not Webkit or Gecko -- it's Blink. Funny that I have been hearing about the others for years.

What's more introverted -- social media instead of in-person social, in-person but no social media, or neither (if possible?)?

I love this quote. Can't seem to find the original author to give attribution where due:

Vim is immortal in the nokia brick-phone sense. It's got very few dependencies, it'll survive a drop from a ten foot pole and it's cooperative with like thirty year old technology. It's fast and ergonomic and once armageddon comes you'll shell into the flaming wreckage of a datacenter and edit configs with it. Pure embodiment of the strength and certainty of steel.

Emacs, by contrast, is immortal in the shambling fleshbeast sense. Its thousand thralls write beautiful evocations to pull domains you never could have wanted or imagined from its flesh. It grows cancerously to envelop any domain, any need you may want from it. You can tear out its heart and swap it, still-beating, for a new one. It embodies the ultimate desire to survive. It can send email

can be self-hosted. This gets around things like user limits, which are a current blocker. But should we? Pro, cons, alternatives? Dear Internet, please advise

I'm looking for recent books or up-to-date text on with PHP. is changing rapidly and all the books I see are nearly a decade old. Any good recommendations?

I had a bash file that was suddenly failing. After TOO LONG debugging, I found that one of the included functions had been broken so it ended with `fi}` instead of `fi\n}` so a linebreak had been removed. As a result the cron job that depended on that script was failing.

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