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For Clojure as a 1st language it depends upon where you want to go. But here are great trail-heads:

- the best talks, most of which don't actually involve code:

- @yogthos list of beginner resources:

- But most of all, the community:,, That last one includes an awesome aggregator of all of them.

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The Twitter Webdev community is largely preoccupied with single-line promotional texts (largely about the glories of ) and threads of gee-whiz info that I actually find quite useful sometimes. So, in proper fashion, I've decided to use that community as Host and do all those same things, but Clojure[Script]. Feel free to join me!

@worldsendless Muting users is the best. You can mute for a short period of time or indefinitely.

You can also set up filters on your account settings to remove it.

Or, just keep your live-tooting in a thread and make all but the first toot "unlisted". That way people can turn off replies in their Home and they'll only see the first in the thread.

seems to be a practice that is uncomfortable to some users, who curate their feeds to avoid noise. How do you feel about of events as they unfold?

Every time I have to resort to using a string selector in , I feel dirty.

I have my to both a file and database. It appears to just STOP after a few minutes of operation -- but we have no idea why. Restarting fixes it for a few minutes. WHY?

In the coming weeks I'll be live streaming implementing ActivityPub using Clojure! Planning to stream a few times a week.

I'll probably do my first stream tomorrow morning (somewhere around 7~8am UTC), but it will be episode zero, i.e. a messy stream where i sort out my setup and other prep work. First proper stream will be on Friday!

I'll post updates and stream times here. Official hashtag: #ActivityPubInClojure

Ah! I got an Android rss feed reader that can pull in my opml files cleanly. What's more, it holds free² values, so no adds or centralization!

emacs, lisp, guix, guile, scheme excitement thread 

@cwebber Yay! Power and freedom! #emacs, #guix and #lisp allow me to bend reality to whatever looks good to me and gets the job done. No weird contraints imposed by language designers to hold me back or make we feel like I'm "doing it wrong". Both #emacs and #guix have some weird point of no return and passing it is almost a physical experience. #clojure for business hours and #scheme for spare time.

Remember when always-listening Amazon Alexa was going to be inevitable?

How about Google Glass?

Big Tech PR always tells us that each new #SurveillanceCapitalism technology is somehow going to be inevitable until…it isn't.

Today's "inevitable" surveillance is #adtech built into web browsers. Maybe it will be the next ALPR and actually get widely deployed, or, maybe it will go the way of other once-inevitable surveillance systems

#AdventOfCode teaches you the rarely used parts of your language. I grep'd our ~100kloc #clojure code base and noticed that not a single time we use `reductions`. `frequencies` we use 4 times. When doing #AdventOfCode those functions are frequently used!

What began as issues with the routing became other blinding issues with our apparently ceasing -- both to file and to database -- for unknown reason after just a few minutes.

abruptly my three-monitor setup, which has been working for years, stopped because it couldn't find my 1600x900 mode. An hour later it is good again.

I have never viewed epub before os thought I would try it. Because of dependencies and non-github repos, the .el install had a few more steps.

I just added most of my qoto followings to my reader. Let's play with that a bit.

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