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For Clojure as a 1st language it depends upon where you want to go. But here are great trail-heads:

- the best talks, most of which don't actually involve code:

- @yogthos list of beginner resources:

- But most of all, the community:,, That last one includes an awesome aggregator of all of them.

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The Twitter Webdev community is largely preoccupied with single-line promotional texts (largely about the glories of ) and threads of gee-whiz info that I actually find quite useful sometimes. So, in proper fashion, I've decided to use that community as Host and do all those same things, but Clojure[Script]. Feel free to join me!

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Projectile, my first open-source project, turned 10 earlier this year. Here are few thoughts on the journey so far

Oh. The docs don't have a quickstart, but do spend 30 pages explaining how to form your request. In XML. How quaint.

I would like to put a blog on web3. Can it be done reasonably? That is, does web3 break "hyper linking" that is a core part of internet philosophy?

Whoa. I just made my twice-yearly visit to LinkedIn and did a little browsing. I was overcome by the feeling, "this is Facebook!" and now I feel I need another shower.

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Guess the word is out.

All web developers that know HTML are now 'hakers'. 😂

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Cool is now in assess mode in Thoughtworks Technology Radar.
Time to use it now.. ;-)

This is a terrific post that describes why functional programming feels so much more satisfying to learn than imperative programming. Realizing I can use (map) and (reduce), for example, feels so much more valuable than learning how to use that PDF Factory class with its inheritance hierarchy and overloaded interface specifications. Yeah, I'll be teaching that to my children.

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Functional programs behave like the Fourier series: the aggregation of simple, easy-to-understand components yields a robust and flexible result. h...
I'm happy with ClojureScript since using <p! is as convenient as using await in JS.


China achieves exascale with 1.3 exaflops peak performance and 1.05 sustained performance in the ideal 35 megawatt power sweet spot.

@valerauko Clojure itself should count as "non-trivial", and they use it there.

One step is to be careful with semantic versioning, which implies breaking changes as a built-in assumption.

Non-breaking versioning has been very usefully demonstrated in high-usage Clojure projects like Figwheel, HoneySQL, Clojure JDBC, and others.

This will be harder if your codebase is a monolithic system of some kind, where there are many coupled parts. But this is a problem of the design more than a critique on [un]breakability itself.

"GitHub Copilot, the technology that will replace programmers. Also GitHub Copilot..."

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Why is it that the more I research the decentralized web, the more things seem to center on Etherium?

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