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For Clojure as a 1st language it depends upon where you want to go. But here are great trail-heads:

- the best talks, most of which don't actually involve code:

- @yogthos list of beginner resources:

- But most of all, the community:,, That last one includes an awesome aggregator of all of them.

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The Twitter Webdev community is largely preoccupied with single-line promotional texts (largely about the glories of ) and threads of gee-whiz info that I actually find quite useful sometimes. So, in proper fashion, I've decided to use that community as Host and do all those same things, but Clojure[Script]. Feel free to join me!

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This is one of those jokes I wish I had written. This is *chef’s kiss*

Excited for my long-awaited Summer reading, having found this classic at one of my local libraries

I don't like to get political on this account, but seriously, the cleanness, consistency, and absolute properties of programming are beautiful!
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@sabrinaesaquino Except Maga crowd and republicans: you need to be able to have some coherent and consistent ideas at the same time. You can’t be true (pro-gun killing children) and false (pro abortion killing mothers and no support to them) at the same time in codin…

"Fastest!" advertizes Apple. But Safari doesn't even get an honorable mention here:

My real question, though, is, why is Googled Chrome faster than Chromium? Is it just proprietary caching?
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When it comes to speed, Safari is the world’s fastest browser.

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XTDB inspector now has a simple tx page which shows latest tx log and can view details. Also the doc page can expand linked docs for easy viewing in place.

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@paulschun I think the issue is to get the job with Clojure first xD. I actually demonstrated the value of Clojure at my workplace, by building many prototypes with it and after management saw the prototypes were as good as the final products with other langs, they kept Clojure xD

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Clojure repeats as the top-paying language in the Developer Survey 2022. Despite that, I don't know a single Clojurian who's into it for the money!

Clojure also ranks third in most-loved language. Pretty much all Clojurians I know are into it because of that!

One of the experiments my super-org is trying is Mendix, a low-code dev thing. I am admittedly biased because I don't fear code, which seems to be the audience they are aiming for. I like code, I love open source and see it as a tech-moral imperative, and I rejoice in the community made possible by open source workflows. Has anyone else out there rubbed shoulders with Low-Code solutions like Mendix? Is there any good take to help clear the bad smell I get from them?

Today for my Digital Education Minute I taught my kids about why passwords are a bad idea, and also the fallacy of Security By Obscurity, and showed them what an SSH key looks like. "That's how you do a password!"

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quick code snippet for calculating "X days ago" given a specific date, with localized language

and ✨no dependencies✨

this ain't your parents' JavaScript!

This man favors SQL! That said, flexible schema is a two-edged sword with NoSQL solutions. The advantage of loose schema, in my experience, is NOT that you don't have a schema (or you will never be able to find anything), but that you can extend that schema very easily. Research.
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Having a flexible schema is not generally a *feature*

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