The language and languages are so stable, with breaking changes being frowned upon in the culture. But breaking in the (frankly, awesome!) tooling has been my difficulty as I maintain a dozen projects of varying ages. It is a real problem.

@worldsendless Can you elaborate on what kind of breakage do you see? It hasn't felt like much honestly. Maybe I just don't use many features.

When I compare to the other side of the fence, the JS stuff rots faster than I can fix it.

@Macroz I definitely come to the ClojureScript language as a respite from the turbulence of the JavaScript ecosystem.But whenever I fire up one of my old projects, I have difficulty starting a Cider REPL because NREPL or Cider doesn't match anymore. Maybe I'm setting up my Lein wrong.

@worldsendless I guess I've had this problem a few times as well. I think the CIDER auto-injection of the dependencies has helped a bit. Maybe I also don't upgrade the deps that often (Emacs, CIDER or project deps that is)

I think updating deps has always been simple as long as there exist new versions to upgrade to.

I was thinking that did some config or code change a lot for you. The versioning hell I don't worry about. I think for me the most breaking upgrades were CI or build tool changes.

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