I always mentally wonder about vs , knowing that 's decision to avoid is very deliberate. But TypeScript is conquering the world; is that an ad populum sign that Types are really a better way to go? Or does ClojureScript offer other things instead? If so, what are they, and to do the benefits of each option find value in different situations?

@worldsendless The Ketchup Song by Las Ketchup also conquered the world.

@worldsendless It was some song that tried to be the new Macarena a decade later... and it somehow succeeded, going to number 1 everywhere.

Just a pop song analogy for your Latin expression.

@worldsendless One practical argument against (nominal) types is that every new type introduces a new API that is necessarily incompatible with all preexisting typed functions. The workaround is standard interfaces of course, but that relies on the library authors' predilections to implement them.

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