One of the biggest life-savers on has been the command `xrandr -s 0`. This somehow refreshes things and causes my triple-monitors to wakeup in ways that -auto and -set do not. But I cannot find documentation on it ANYWHERE; I've checked the manpages, web search... nothing!

EDIT: just tried `xrandr --help` and saw that it is short for --size. I'm still not sure why it works such miracles, though...

@worldsendless thanks, will give this a try whenever things go south again. I usually end up reconfiguring the entire xrandr setup /and/ restarting exwm. Not the most convenient solution...

@worldsendless xrandr is a great tool for xorg beyond exwm. Have you tried in the arch wiki? They usually have great documentation and links to a bunch of related stuff:

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