Does Mastodon work with voice recognition as well?

I mean instead of typing can I just voice toot?

If yes, please suggest how to do so?

Excited to be here at Mastodon

Am an opinionated world traveller with interests in travel, movies, environment, society, naturopathy, naturism, politics and all that is associated.

Looking to interact with like minded fellow travellers around here and also looking at calling out hypocrisy where it needs to be called out.

Must confess: I am not a Liberal! I believe in people and I believe in doing what's right. I believe people know wants best for them and no one need tell anyone else how to lead their life, what to say, how to behave.

I am very open to friendly debates on any topic that I know about. The rest I leave to the judgement of more intelligent others. 😊

Please engage for a better world.

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