So I have been assigned the task to create a Google Form clone. Any ideas on how can I get started? I am noobie in web development. Also what platform would be best for developing it?

@zevahs wellll.. i dont know anything about google forms, so I cant really say.. but if you want to do a webapp there are a ton of options for you. I presume this app would need a front end and a back end?

@freemo so google forms is like any form which are circulated for registering people into events. So I have to build a platform similar to that.

Yes it would need a backend and it would be AWS.

@zevahs you trying to minimize effort in development or is it more important that it be the best version of the app possible (scales well, free of bugs, enterprise level architecture, etc)?

@freemo the first version can be simple. But yeah I would like to make it enterprise level for the future

@zevahs Java is the most enterprise-oriented language for the backend. But it is also one of the less fun languages sadly.

For the front end it is typical now adays to write that as standalone using something like angular. However you can serve it up as plain html of some sort if you want to save on effort and if things are simple enough.

I personally wouldnt recommend python for a webapp, it can be done but it is an unpopular choiceI say this somewhat ironically since I just picked this for developing my own app (A web service). But in my case it made sense as its not really a web app despite providing web services. There is no login for example, and no front end aside from CLI locally. The webservice is so instances of my program can talk to eachother and like i said uses no login or credentials. So its a special usecase for me to play with python in this context.

@freemo I just can't figure out how will I replicate text fields on angular. Like, each text field is a piece of code.

@zevahs I'm mostly a backend programmer myself. Havent touched angular in over a year.


@freemo Same here. Frontend is what I find particularly cumbersome.

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