Anyone have any recommendations for learning Kotlin?

Here's a freebie,

This problem was asked by Airbnb.

Given a list of integers, write a function that returns the largest sum of non-adjacent numbers. Numbers can be 0 or negative.

For example, [2, 4, 6, 2, 5] should return 13, since we pick 2, 6, and 5. [5, 1, 1, 5] should return 10, since we pick 5 and 5.

Follow-up: Can you do this in O(N) time and constant space?

Okay, here is another freebie :) I will put in a real one before the end of the weekend.

Basically, you are given a list from which you need to create a new list where each element is the product of all the "OTHER" elements.

I found a few interesting corner cases.

I challenge you to give it a try!

Read the challenge here:

My attempt is checked into that repo as well.

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