If you have followed me recently, Hello!

There are about 50 of you this week, and I'm not going to have the time to individual vet each of you to decide if I want to follow back, so instead:

If you're a new follower of mine, and I don't follow you, and you think I'd like to, respond to this and tell me so?

@ajroach42 Hi! I'm following you because your interesting threads on future-proofing computing and delay-tolerant networks piqued my interest; both areas of interest of mine.

I just wrote changelog.complete.org/archive about the problems of the "attention economy", so I don't tell people to pay attention to me. Follow me if you like, or not, it's fine😃

I got pulled in to #Mastodon because I believe #decentralization is a must, and then discovered the fantastic #community here.


@jgoerzen @ajroach42

Interesting article one of the reasons, very true about adverting which is why i like it here.The content here is far better too,k twitter has turned in to a massive hate filed cesspit,

What I also find frustrating is that a lot of mainstream social media is output, try and reply and engage you don't get anywhere,

@zleap @ajroach42 That diagnosis of "output" is spot on and gives voice to something. Yesterday I saw a "follow us!" in my feed, from a for-profit website. I looked at their history, and literally every single toot was a link to their website. Was annoyed without quite being able to say why, and of course did not follow. This is why. They only wanted my attention and we're giving nothing to the community.

@jgoerzen @ajroach42 Indeed ,

Agreed, what those who just think social media is for output don't realise is by not responding to questions it tells people more about them, enough to know that we don't want to deal with them.

Same for not replying to e-mails esp when they are asking for opportunities for others, I reply and get nothing quickly in terms of a response. .

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