I am making a blog post on 18th Jan to list hosting providers for the Fediverse services

So far I have

If anyone has any links to other services then I will include these too.

I have also given @aral a mention for the Small-Web project

Would be good to get a nice list together.

Scheduled for 18th Jan as I am about 2 weeks ahead of my self for posts, which is a good thing.

Thanks for any help


@zleap @aral Element Matrix Services offers Matrix hosting. There are also others I can't remember.

@zleap @aral Hmm, not sure about yet another list, but you can of course have a look on and other sites like or whatever.

I think it is important to take also into account that the site is running latest software. Running older software release is IMHO a sign of a bad administrated server that users should avoid.

I for myself am running Friendica on and Mastodon on

@ij @aral

Thanks for this, I will add to the list it is just going to hopefully be a guide for people but have about 8 so far

@4ioskd @aral

Thanks, the writefreely one sounds most useful. I will add both. :)

@zleap @aral
You're welcome!
The writefreely one is recommended personally.

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