As usual, @brainwane's writing on a complicated topic are clear, thoughtful, direct, and bring the receipts to the table: "Not The First Time We Tried (FSF, GNU, RMS, etc.)"

It's the thing that gets me with the support for RMS, You can point at this, and Bradley's and Matthew's posts and some folks will see it as a corporate conspiracy leading a mob. Rather than wonder if the environment drove people elsewhere. Nearly a week later and I'm still stunned at it happening and the way it was handled. If the FSF can't change then we need to move on.

@onepict @cwebber @brainwane The open letter made it a lot easier to defend Stallman. If it was about the issues mentioned in this blog post, there would be a lot less resistance. Instead, they accuse Stallman of having "shown himself to be misogynist, ableist, and transphobic, ...", and petition for his removal based on "his hurtful and dangerous ideology". But there's sparse public evidence for these accusations, and in at least one case, his supposed transphobia, there's ample evidence of the contrary. People will interpret these inaccuracies as character assassination and discredit any genuine issues with him based on these.

@acuteanniemay @onepict @brainwane Have you read this post?

It acknowledges there have been some mischaracterizations, analyzes them one by one, but still clearly identifies what *did* happen and comes to a conclusion about this decision to surprise-reappoint him and how it was clearly a bad idea.

@cwebber @acuteanniemay @onepict @brainwane

I think Stallman's behaviour can be characterized as misogyny, that's not excessive

When women publish reports about you, write on twitter they stayed away because of you, and you insist for 20 years, that means you don't give a damn what a category of people is saying

And that category of people is women

So no, sorry, social awkwardness doesn't cut it, here

there's not intent only. There are effects too

Well yes, it's been serious for a long time. Not just teachers, but pupils assaulting other pupils. In front of other pupils, it's an expression of power over someone else.

But the culture just handwaves the behaviour as boys will be boys. Just think about the type of person who does that and realise that some are adults now and have been for several decades.
@AbbieNormal @cwebber @acuteanniemay @brainwane

@onepict @AbbieNormal @cwebber @acuteanniemay @brainwane

While working at a school i had it the other way, kids shouting things like "fu**ing gayboy (multiple times, ) I was fobbed off 2with kids will be kids" and on another occasiion "Caretakers are fu**ing wan**ers" at me (or the caretaker I was with at the time), the latter resulted in said child being given suspension for a week, aka a week off school when told I said that is what he wants, so he won in some sense.

The problem is huge and has been getting worse

It is no wonder that people don't bother reporting stuff,

It's just pointless sometimes. Which is why times like this we need to hold our leaders accountable for their actions and attitudes.
@AbbieNormal @cwebber @acuteanniemay @brainwane

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