Excited for an 👋!

📝 We are Penn NeuroKnow, a blog run by PhD students in the University of Pennsylvania’s Neuroscience Graduate Group.

👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬 Our goal is to share our love of neuroscience with you all. Each post breaks down a different topic in neuroscience, ranging from general neuroscience knowledge to summaries of exciting new studies that are changing how we think about the brain.

🧠 Recent topics have included why we get the hiccups, how the octopus controls its arms, and how neuroscientists are starting to realize that what they thought was noise might not actually be so noisy.

⏰ We’ll be sharing links to our latest posts with short summaries every Tuesday when they go live. We’re looking forward to sharing our posts and engaging with the community here!


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