Mastodon analytics tool @analytodon has been launched.


I can't get excited for this.

Look, I know why this tool exists. Social media managers need to justify why they get paid. S

o they hand a bunch of graphs over to clients, and then say, "Look! The graph is going up!"

But I'm convinced that a focus on analytics has ruined so many social media platforms. Instagram is an example.

Why are there so many fake followers on Instagram? Partially, it's analytics.

Look at the features @analytodon is trumpeting.

It's track, track, track.

And apparently, the metric they put on the top of their list is "followers". Which, I'm sorry, has always been a terrible metric to track.

I've seen accounts on Mastodon with 100,000 followers with barely any engagement.

And look, all that stuff with followers and engagement can be faked anyway.

Again, analytics is why so much of that stuff was faked on Instagram.

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@atomicpoet @analytodon

I don't feel the need for this sort of thing I am capable of tracking interactions manually.

So is this something that has to be installed on an instance by instance basis, in which case those instances MUST make it clear this is installed (cue cookie banner) so people can choose another instance if they don't want tracking.

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