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We should make learning about French revolution and wood / metal work compulsory in schools, anyone rich and who sees the connection will be terrified.

@zleap @fcktheworld587 @davidaugust @gilesgoat The working class was created out of the serf class to create buffer layers that protect their own and those above from those below. When the masses of poor rose up and demanded to be treated as equal beings, the elite gave some of them more money/wealth/power to shift the anger away from themselves, then flipped the narrative to one where the poor were stealing from the middle class. We've spent centuries struggling to shift more and more power and wealth away from the few so now that they have a way to start sucking all the wealth and power back while still being defended from the poor and getting the work they need done, they will pull out all the stops. Unless the masses once again actually rise against the few, we will be back to serfs and elites. And the elite will start eliminating as many poor as they can.

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