Firstly, sorry for the lack of detailed ALT text. I just want to ask a quick question on this.

I am building the DNA base molecules with Molymods model kit.

Looking at Cytozine, where there is a C = C bond, it leaves a carbon bond empty on my model, does this suggest I should but Hydrogen in that location? Even though Hydrogen is not explicily shown on the diagram(s)?

@zleap on this kind of representation, C and H bond to C are implied but not shown.
Yes, you should add an H to every C which has not explicitly 4 bonds (All bases are concerned)


Cool thanks, I I will add them later

I need to also remember that have a 4 bond Nitrogen in place of a 3 bond nitrogen, as I ran out of the latter.

@zleap the wikipedia page is really well done, you can see the detailed model like the one you want to make

I have made all 4, SO when I get a chance next week I will take photos and put them on my site.

I can then use this as an activity for the STEM group, now I know I can build all 4 others can too.

@zleap Nice! You have a big box I imagine. I Always find there are too few atoms for usual biochemical molecules

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