Looking at a local recruitment agency they ask where did I hear about them the choices are as follows

Seems they need to update their list as it is now 2023, Facebook is for elderly people anyway, Twitter does not exist, no one uses Yahoo (I thought that went the way of the dodo over a decade ago) Goggle is spyware and Bing is microsoft garbage.

Oh well, maybe they will join fedi one day.


I have no idea, it is a required field too, they have probably never heard of anything else.


I am going to send them an e-mail to sort of sign up, as I am required to by the job centre but will ask why they are using

Google - which spies on and tracks users
Bing / Yanoo - which no one uses
Facebook - the platform for elderly people
Twitter - now called X but it is a right wing, racist cesspit that again no one with a decent IQ uses.

I will send them a suggestion they sign up here.

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