I wonder if this is legal in the UK

If looking for work in the UK a job offer is generally required before a visa can be issued, the language here seems to suggest don't bother unless you can work in the UK.

This is from the senploy website they are an employment agency or help to find work from other agencies, I am not too sure.,

What happens if they block an IP address that is say from a library or another place where there is public internet access, they may forget to tick that box, so their IP would be blocked but so would it be blocked for anyone.

@zleap I work in a place that employs a lot of overseas staff - rejecting an application due to lack of correct immigration paperwork is legal - but blocking an IP is likely an empty threat due to the risk of collateral damage, unless the organisation can afford to turn down large numbers of potentially valid applicants...


Ah thanks. I was born here, I am trying to sign up with an agency, they want a letter from the DWP with the date and NI number on, This was sent to me via the journal system for UC, however this employer seems to suggest it HAS to be sent via post.

So the DWP now probably have to print, send via post for me to scan in to a pdf to send to employer, the exact same item as was sent electronically.

Seems that for those born in the UK employers make life very difficult sometimes,

@zleap we have to do the exact same checks for both British and foreign workers; but we just ask for a scan of any document that confirms NI and collect copies of other documents at interview (they have to be sufficient for Enhanced DBS check which I guess is the same for teaching), but don't make it onerous for potential applicants as there's plenty of competition for staff in the industry (its health/social care where its hard to recruit good people)


I have asked the agency why and pointed out that I will scan in said lettter and e-mail anyway.

They have a copy of my DBS, know from my CV that I have worked here before, so I am hardly trying to work illegally.

They also seem to suggest that N cards are no longer valid.

I understand the process but agree with you that sometimes they make it far more difficult.

@zleap my NI card is long since mislaid (it was issued in 1989!).

If you drive (I don't know if you do), your personal records are also cross checked by DVLA, DWP and Home Office/Passport Agency (its basically a stealth ID card/citizens database) so its very difficult for someone to get away with fake documents, whether they are British or another nationality (we also have to check driving licences and car insurance as our work involves travel to service users)

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