I'm seeing a lot of on mastodon claim that they will stop buying games that are because of 's recent pricing announcement.

To those folks, I'd like to say: Please don't . We game developers appreciate the sentiment. We appreciate the solidarity. But there is currently no way for consumers to vote with their wallets against without hurting game developers more.

So, please. Keep buying . Keep installing them. Keep playing them.

Give us the sales revenue we need to retrain our people to use new engines for our next release.

@LouisIngenthron Some people are angry about this nebulous install tracking, and don't want to buy for that reason.

@midnightspire I have very bad news for them then... While there's no way to know for sure because they haven't released the details, it's very likely going to be running on the Unity Analytics platform, which has been baked in and reporting back for years already.

@LouisIngenthron no I will not continue buying games made with unity. I do not want to support indirectly such companies. If you care about your customers don't use unity or go under together with unity. No mercy

@ryo Games aren't made overnight.

What should an indie developer that's spent three years working an a Unity game do? Just abandon it and go broke?

@LouisIngenthron take a bit longer and port it to another platform. Alternatives are there.
Guess what. You can do it even without unity. If not, something needs to be overthought I'll guess.
You chose.
What kind of business plan is that to make yourself a slave to another company that can take "tolls" for your software whenever they want?
Sorry, but this your own fault then.
You rise with your master, you fall with your master.

@ryo You're demanding that indie studios redo years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of work because of a decision someone else made. And you're describing it as "take a bit longer". That's either dishonest or grossly ignorant.

I'm guessing it's the latter, because *most* businesses operate dependent on other businesses. Retail stores are dependent on landlords. Websites are dependent on server hosts. Product manufacturers are dependent on logistics companies and retailers. That's just how business works. Do you think I should also not "make myself a slave" to Steam and try to sell the game myself? Because I'd be homeless if I did that.

Your proposed solutions are uninformed and impractical. And your desire to further hurt the people who are already most hurt by Unity's decision is just cruel and arbitrary.

I "demand" nothing.
I just telling you I'm not buying anything made with unity or with unity involved.
That's all.

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