On a serious note, i find mastodon really peaceful. Just went to Twitter and found people abusing liberals and leftist.
That birdsite makes me feel so guilty of my own principles.

Welcome to the fediverse ... mastodon is just one tool to access to it ..

Bhakts on mstdn will feel like fish out of water.

See them behave when they come here in US....Disciplined, innocent nice folks. Bola bhala learning every street n avenue.. .law abiding.

It's the law that keeps them human for major part of their life.

@_lunawinters yes. Some say this is like an echo chamber. But this is any day better than the toxic hole that birdsite is. Much peaceful

@_lunawinters yes, for sure. It's turning into a war theatre, with armies of ignorant trolls attacking and wearing out opposing people. Some of these have no qualms about decency, their aim is to harass opposing views. Very wearing to engage such folks.

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