World’s largest study shows the more you walk, the lower your risk of death, even if you walk fewer than 5,000 steps @science

@bibliolater @science Remember - correlation^= causation. That's especially true for studies like this were there's a good chance of reverse causation - that is, people with worse health not being able to walk as much.

@meredithw @bibliolater @science Good point, as a medical layperson I would have not thought of that. Since the causal interpretation seems mechanistically plausible, it is tempting. I have yet to read the full paper but the abstract is more carefully phrased than the reporting about the paper. I wonder if one can factor out negative correlation somehow in study design or analysis. 1/

#health #walking #medicine #statistics

@bibliolater @science


Everyone's risk of death is in fact 100%
It's the quality of the journey that matters, and that is not necessarily directly related to its length.

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