"A team of historians and scientists wanted to map cultural mobility, so they tracked the births and deaths of notable individuals like David, King of Israel, and Leonardo da Vinci, from 600 BC to the present day. Using them as a proxy for skills and ideas, their map reveals intellectual hotspots and tracks how empires rise and crumble". @science @histodon @histodons

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@bibliolater @science @histodon @histodons ah yes "science", when majority europeans make a list of the most important people ever to have lived as a stand-in for "culture". Well shucks darn, looks like the data says there's never been much culture in Asia, Africa or Latin america, but you can't argue with science!

The video shows the colonization of North America (a genocide) as the arrival and spread of "culture" for the first time.

Most of the important people of Japan were European Christian missionaries. The video helpfully tells us they were "persecuted."

This could have been made by nazis ffs.

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Hm. If David, King of Israel, actually existed (a matter of debate amongst serious historical scholars) he definitely did NOT do so between 600 BC and the present day.

So I'm calling bullshit.

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