πŸ‡²πŸ‡³ " We observed that our studied Mongolians were structured into three distinct genetic clusters possessing different genetic affinity with previous studied Inner Mongolians and Mongols and various Eastern and Western Eurasian ancestries: two subgroups harbored dominant Eastern Eurasian ancestry from Neolithic millet farmers of Yellow River Basin; another subgroup derived Eastern Eurasian ancestry primarily from Neolithic hunter-gatherers of North Asia."

Yang X, Sarengaowa, He G, Guo J, Zhu K, Ma H, Zhao J, Yang M, Chen J, Zhang X, Tao L, Liu Y, Zhang X-F and Wang C-C (2021) Genomic Insights Into the Genetic Structure and Natural Selection of Mongolians. Front. Genet. 12:735786. doi: @science @anthropology

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