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Hi again. Thanks for the feedback and for engaging, much appreciated.

We think overhead elastic is critical to getting good fitted-filtration (ie, net filtration of a mask on a face). We summarize this here ⬇️

In North America, must have overhead elastic simplifying our advice in favour of these over or

There are data on beards, too!

For a 10mm beard, an N95 is still more effective than all other masks.

If the stifling feeling is specifically associated with headstraps for you, they could be too tight. Aura 3M has simple band elastic straps that lengthen with a good hard tug. This is a pro in this situation for you.

For straps that don't lengthen so easily, consider an with braided elastic such as Vitacore's .

Vitacore's Can99 also has superb breathability so if the problem isn't the attachments, this might help.

Apologies for a N American reply to a European question.

Anyone curating info on or and suppliers please let me know: we would love to put this on our website. @Pat 3M

Should have been more specific: Aura 1870+ is the one with stretchable elastic

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