Dutch words I really miss in English:

- Lotgenoten (fate-buddies). People with the same illness or who've encountered the same tough thing in life are lotgenoten. People with #longcovid are lotgenoten. Covid-avoiders are lotgenoten. You can say things like: "I'm looking to connect with lotgenoten."

- Sterkte (strength). It's a wish of strength to someone in a tough situation. These wishes in English aren't cutting it. I don't want to just wish you well or the best, I want to send you power!

#Strike #UK

British workers unite in largest strike in a generation
Hundreds of thousands of teachers are among those who walked off their jobs to demand wages that keep pace with inflation.


The door is open for Britain to rejoin the EU “any time”, Michel Barnier said on Wednesday before warning the UK not to tear up Brussels regulations after Brexit...

Make no mistake, this’s why the Tories want to tear up all the EU regulations, to prevent us ever rejoining the EU under a new Government!


I’m fairly new here so #introduction time!

My name is Sera! (she/her)

🎨 I’m a freelance #artist - love making twitch emotes & original character art.

🎯 My hobbies: #archery, #streaming, #gaming

🌤️ Recently diagnosed with #ADHD & #bipolar after years of bad doctors & bad mental health - working on setting achievable goals & being kind to myself this year 🌻

💻 I want to get into content creation, I just lack consistency. 

☕ check out my art here! ko-fi.com/serazebruh/gallery

Haven’t been very active on Mastodon, but I came back on here to follow @dgbassani and @Billius27 data analysis.

The lack of transparency to information required to inform our risk assessments in a DIY pandemic is one of the biggest pitfalls of our public health agencies.

#covid #covid19
Funny how we've moved on with so many grandchildren left without grandparents.
Funny how we push the memories of what happened in those early times.
Funny how the thought of dropping masks off to a hospital is a distant memory.
Funny how we banged pots and pans for the heroes in our hospitals and were truly grateful, how it brought us to tears.
Funny how we don't talk about it now, how deaths are swept under the rug.

#covid #covid19

Canada will eventually get around to reporting over 1,000 covid deaths in January by my estimation.

I have not seen a single mention of the deaths in the media.

Maybe because it's so hard to find the death counts.

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Shout out to those who advocated for mask use when they were popular… and when they weren’t.

Masks aren’t political, people are.

I’ll speak from my experience, I have been wearing an N95 mask since the early days of the pandemic in all indoor settings & have not been infected with C19. I value my health (and that of others) more than dining in a restaurant. Health is fragile. My risk assessment includes asking myself “if I do X is it worth being infected with a novel virus?”
As far as an end for C19, I can’t say. I’ve normalized masking & adapting to protect my health. This is how I live with COVID, and it’s my new normal

I haven't been sick in three years. 😷​ #N95

If preventing respiratory infections because I mask is wrong, I don’t want to be right

This fact sheet gives a terrific overview of the benefits of Social Security to keep children out of poverty & retirees out of poverty - it is especially important to minorities & women.


Worth remembering that Social Security was rolled out under the care of Sec. Frances Perkins, the first woman to serve as a cabinet secretary (Labor).

Which year saw the most deaths from Covid in Canada?

Wear the best mask available
The best mask is an N95


Casting Agent: We need somebody who's basically a capybara. Just a big old human capybara, like kinda round and soft and noble. But, like, a veteran? And they solve crimes. By tricking people who aren't like capybaras at all, but who are mean to them. The kind of people who talk down to capybaras. We need a big old veteran capybara who solves the kind of crimes you'd do if you thought capybaras were stupid. And it's set in Los Angeles.

Peter Falk: Ok, I've got this.

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➡️Mask mandates in schools reduce student and teacher absences


➡️4% of children with COVID will get long covid


➡️Template - downloadable - summarizing arguments at:

@myrabatchelder@twitter.com @nilikm@twitter.com #WeNotMe

🐦🔗: twitter.com/CMClase/status/161

New eligibility for PCR testing in Ontario.
symptoms plus
➡️Everyone >60y
➡️>18y with a high-risk condition
➡️>18y with <2 vaccine doses
➡️>18y with >6m since last vaccine or last Covid infection
➡️ all the previously eligible groups (frontline workers, pregnant people, people who are immunocompromised etc)


eligibility expanded too (same page, scroll down):
➡️Everyone >60y
➡️>18y with a high-risk condition or immunocompromised
➡️>18y with <2 vaccine doses
➡️>18y with >6m since last vaccine or last Covid infection

Where to get tested:

Self-certify 'I'm eligible' if you are in one of those groups.

In |Hamilton


Don't rely on test-and-treat or vaccination. Prevent community transmission to a vulnerable person and prevent with and



Please boost

➡️*New resource* for advocates for Masks in Schools

➡️We have created a FAQ page and a downloadable, customizable template summarizing arguments for mask requirements in schools:


➡️Mask mandates in schools reduce student and teacher absences


➡️4% of children with COVID will get long covid


@MyraBatchelder @nilikm


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