LOL, I have to admit, Trump excels at one thing: being a laughing stock.

Forgot to add an image caption. Here it is:

A twitter post with an added title that says "This didnt age well". The twitter post is a very old post of Trump saying "Dear Clintons, You know what's deplorable? Being impeached!!! "

@freemo There’s a Trump tweet for every imaginable situation.

@freemo You probably noticed that post is from Junior, not the orange man himself, right?

Junior is a possible contender for the continuation of their dinasty, there was a good article discussing that; maybe it was on The Atlantic. DJT's preference was for Ivanka, but Junior has been playing the audience on raliies and doing well apparently.

A scary though, this becoming a dinasty.

@design_RG yea... from what I noticed from when Trump Jr. visited the ranch is .. well.. he is a sleeze ball much like his dad. So not someone I'm looking forward to seeing as a politician. Ivanka I might be ok with, I dunno she hasnt done anything too damning that I can recall.

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