Woman: "Hi 911, I have a guy with a knife in my house right now trying to rape me"...

911: "Ok i can help with that, would you like the number to a place you can go and shoot up some heroin?"

Woman: "Ummm, no, I dont think that will help, I have a guy here trying to rape me with a knife"...

911: "Ohhh, ok, well best I can do is you just sit there and let him rape you, then afterwards I will give you a number to a PP officer where you can get an abortion!"

Woman: "Umm.. cant you send someone over with a gun or something to help protect me"

911: "Sorry we dont do that anymore, we defunded that department. But good news is the rapist will at least get some needed therapy when he is done raping you, so no worries"

@freemo how do people bot get that this is the “best” the government give us? Defund the police is all they have to say, to satisfy these ghouls. No thought of how. With this we’ll have less power over ourselves than before.

@awl honestly, thats how the left adddress all problems. They think you just move money around and problem fixed..

Poor people: take it from the rich and dump it on the poor

Environment, throw money at it

police, defund them

Education, dump money at it..

dont get me wrong the solution very well may involve funding or defunding and otherwise moving the budget around. but if you talk about your "solution" in terms of money rather than actions that cost money, well you arent offering a solution at all.

@freemo they started talking about “disbanding” the police and I knew they were talking about changing its name at best. What annoys me is that lots of people are buying it.

@awl yup.. americans arent really critical thinkers anymore. Pretty much I expected the left to cheer on anything that came out ofBLM no matter how asinine.

Dont get me wrong I have nothing against BLM's message of "blacks are suffering, help us".. but as a strongly left leaning organizations that have all the failings of anyone on the extream end of the politicl spectrum. Namely group think, complete inability to accept messages outside of their own agenda and talking points, and overly simplistic "solutions" that get us no where.

@freemo this will go down in history as simply being bigger than those that preceded it, and yet again the first message will be lost underneath the people crying yass Queen slay to government being the nanny once again.

@awl i have been trying to study deeply the esclation of large wars both civil and world wars.. not just the big bullet points but all the subtle and consistent patterns I can piece together to see what is consistently an indication and what isnt.

Everything I see hands down suggests this is on its way to a major war. Not saying this wont deescalate, the riots might end and the war might not come for another year or more.. or maybe it will happen soon. But I promise you it is headed there very quickly...

Some indications:

* extreamism towards both ends of the spectrum

*Fanatical nationalism and/or group think on both sides

* extrem propaganda from every news outlet

* extrem tending towards violent opposition to anyone callingout the propaganda, etc

* violence

*both sides supporting reducing individual rights (left with freedom of speech and guns, right with things like the patriot act or using the military to silence protests)

@freemo yeah the west seems yearning for a major conflict in its own hemisphere and has been for at least the last 20 years.

@awl yes weve been headed in that direction since 911 I always say.

@freemo Wheres "Buy a gun so you can ventilate his skull"?

Loooong, only semi-related 

I don't really follow politics, and I don't remember where I heard it, but this reminds me of audio sketch responding to the UK's gun laws. In the original the victim called first, but I don't remember the dialogue.

P - Police officer
C - Criminal

P: "911 what's your emergency?"

C: "Hey, so I just broke into the house, yeah? I was just gonna rob, but I changed my mind, I want to rape, too, but she's got, and get this, a *chastity belt*"

P: "A chastity belt? Really? Well, just sit tight and find something to maintain that erection. We'll send a squad car over there right away to sort things out!"

C: "Thank you officer"

P: "No problem! You've been through quite a day, it must be horrible for you!"


Not that they'd get there in time anyway. Never count on the police to stop a violent crime I'm progress. They're useless for THAT purpose.

@freemo crisis staffers are suppose to be good at this thing though.

@rizzo good at showing up at a home with a gun to stop rapists?

@freemo i read a twitter post where a women was about to be assaulted by domestic violence and she called some crisis staffers trained in de-escalation to come help and apparantly they did a good job. However I don't remember the name of the organization. I will look into it.
@freemo im trying to find the twitter post at this moment give me time
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