I think with all the non-english posts around here we need to make a few new rules in order to keep things safe for moderation and keeo the timeline interesting. I would like everyones feedback.

1) You must be able to speak english fluently enough to interact with english moderators and english commentors

2) You must have a STEM interest in being here (though not required to post on any one subject).

Also note it is still very hard to moderate non-english posts for now im using a translator but it makes my job MUCH slower...

Would you say these two points apply to you.

@freemo Those are good, thank you.

The only thing I would add is spell out the STEM acronym, as people might have found QOTO simply from it's prominent position on joinmastodon.org's Instance list / Join page - and not realize that this is not a typical, general audience focused server.

Found a nice visual one.

@design_RG Agrevvnlghlvedrfghichjgdecffrghfrdirlvfutcrnjhdle
, where should we spell it out though?

@freemo The Front Door, certainly.

Any page that's presented to new users during the account creation process.

The About This Server page, maybe add the image or a smaller resized one there.

If could be arranged, in the joinmastodon.org text describing QOTO instance.


There is a little bit of room there, so maybe in words, spelling out the acronym meaning?

@design_RG Im not sure if that text is autogenerated or not. I think gargron hand picked the text from our about page

@freemo If it was hand picked, a message to him with a link to this thread might clarify what and why we want to change.

Just decide on the final form of the text you would like to see there, maybe up to 120 or 125 chars, and send him a DM, imo.

@design_RG Yea I can give it a go. Though keep in mind in the past it took months for them to act when we first tried to get listed

@freemo They must have a lot on their plate all the time, but starting the ball rolling is the best we can do.

Plus, here, check the first page new users see, and the About This Serve page. Add fully spelled out acronym, or additional text.

The English comprehension requirement you opened for discussion earlier this morning also, once there's a consensus and you decide what's best.

@design_RG @freemo
The wording I used decades ago for the rec.crafts.glass newsgroup went like this:

All discussions will be held in English. Posting in
other languages is allowed provided an English translation
is included.


@design_RG @freemo
Matter of fact, that charter may give an idea or two you hadn't thought of. Obviously, usenet was a different animal, but still...



Thanks for posting the link, sda. I have been very fond of Usenet, it worked well for many types of things and contents.

I made a big effort once to convince a group I participated in to promote usenet as a channel for media sharing, much more stable than what they used and faster. But... So I left, their loss, sadly.

Your FAQ is very objective and focused, plus well formatted even if only using plain text, no enhancements or markups. Well done.


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