Pietruszka is *very* scared. She easily climbed those stairs outside a neighbours' house, but the only stairs she knows and has ever walked, at our house, have different parameters, such as step rise, tread depth, and so on. This is the moment she realized she's not in Kansas anymore.

@szescstopni We had a very similar situation with a dog of ours once. She hated stairs & we had a steep one that looked almost identical to this set. All that it took was for her to spy a squirrel, then the stairs were no longer a problem. 😝

@SwellWines We live in a tiny house with very steep stairs and all the dogs learned to use them, although some had serious problems at first. Most of them never used any other stairs – though we can't be sure what lives two of our rescue dogs dogs had before they came to us. Two of them had known those stairs from birth (on of the rescue dogs was pregnant when we took her in).

@szescstopni Lol, poor doggo.
When I was younger we had 2 dogs, and they basically never went upstairs because they were scared of the (winding) stairs. :D

We had cats too, and they always visited us upstairs so I wasn't lonely lol.

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