Would I recommend as daily driver? No. But I also won't stop living in it. orys.us/v6

@worldsendless on the one hand, I do miss the benefits of EXWM, but on the other I really enjoy Sway and Wayland by comparison. Maybe one day we'll get a good Wayland compositor driven by Emacs.

@daviwil Whoa! I didn't realize that you had moved away from exwm. Have you also moved away from Guix?

@worldsendless Basically impossible for me to move away from Guix now :) I had been using EXWM on and off for the last year but it contributed to instability of my live streams so I had to look at other options.

Bit the bullet and tried Sway which required retooling my whole config for Wayland but in the end I think it was very worth it. Sway is simple and Wayland does feel a lot more modern than X11 despite the rough edges.

@daviwil ah, yeah. The instability while streaming would definitely fall under the "Glass" part of my analysis. Not doing that sort of content creation, though, I'm not sensitive to the shortcomings of the X (x-window) in EXWM. I feel as "impossible for me to change" about EXWM. It was you and your stream that made me aware and persuaded as to Guix, though

@worldsendless Guix takes a lot of work to get started with, but once you start to get the benefits from it, it's hard to move away from. Even @benoitj keeps coming back after leaving for NixOS every year :)


@daviwil @benoitj

I am painfully ignorant of the major benefits of ; so far I have only taken time to use it as a glorified package manager although I am using a full system install; I love it on principle, because @fsf but haven't looked in to anything deeper than package management.

couple of benefits that apply to both #nix and #guix: declarative configuration core to the OS, you can rollback a bad install, or even a bad boot configuration at boot time, you can have confidence your config will wont break for the same version, for example, my previous config is possibly 6-8 months hold, I should be able to just "switch" it and it will work. this is what i've experienced in my multiple migrations :D

@daviwil @fsf

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