Report on Mastodon, a few days in now:

Qoto's pretty cool. Like these people; we got the right amount of fuck-giving: not too little; not too much.

The Fediverse is pretty carcinogenic, especially Every political everybody I can find anywhere is far-left (to the point of mocking John McCain's death, which just isn't cool and (hopefully ironically) advocating for the genocide of TERFs), which is weird because in my experience it's the right-wing/classical liberal types (and Tim Pool) leaving mainstream platforms like YouTube and Birdtalk in droves.

Weird how one side is flocking to this weird decentralized thing, and the other (and me) is throwing their chips behind centralized platforms (Gab, BitChute, Minds) that just have relatively transparent people at the top and few content restrictions.

Wonder who's going to win, or if the right-wing faction will just get their own Mastodon instance and throw all their chips behind that.

@4of92000 I had someone on here tell me the term ‘radical left’ is silly, that they don’t exist.

Which is exactly what I’d expect from someone who has only ever listened to people from the radical left.

Don’t ask a fish about water.

@Demo318 @4of92000 I'm not sure there is a radical left visible to the left. The radical right is very visible and easily identified by the right.

I heard someone from another country make the observation that the right has identified how far is too far - so there's an extreme right; but that the left has yet to lay down any line of what is too far, so there is no "radical" left that they've identified. Nothing is too radical that direction to be so identified.

Is that "other country" Canada? I've heard Jordan Peterson make that point a couple times.

@4of92000 There are a good deal of right-wing focused instances in fact. QOTO just tries to be accepting of all ends of the political spectrum. In fact we dont seem to talk politics here often at all.

A piece of McCain I find utterly great. I will not mock a person who wrote such an epitaph about someone who strongly disagreed with him.

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