Introduction time for me, an funded science project called .

TL;DR: we build a ( to facilitate based image data processing on data obtained in a context. Why? Because it is important to make the most out of all the amazing data out there!!!

Our 10-partner consortium will build an open, accessible, community-driven repository of pretrained models and develop services to deliver these models to life scientists, including those without substantial computational expertise. will provide direct support and ample training activities to prepare life scientists for responsible use of methods. Additionally, will drive community contributions of new models and interoperability between analysis tools. will also facilitate and public aimed at providing state-of-the-art solutions to unsolved image analysis problems in life science research.

brings together /#ML researchers, developers of image analysis tools, providers of European-scale storage and compute services, and European life science -- all united behind the common goal to enable life scientists to benefit from the untapped, tremendous power of AI-based analysis methods.

Check out our model zoo at…

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