I just completed "Sunny with a Chance of Asteroids" - Day 5 - Advent of Code 2019

@Absinthe I had so much fun doing this, I solved both parts on the first try! 😃 I just love little virtual machines, I guess...

(speaking of which, I'll just drop this here: - Also from Eric; you can use a fake email address)

@JJFlash I will have to look into that. As it is, I will soon be 2 weeks behind in the AoC because I am going to Tahiti, and I have been slow coming up with puzzles here for
as well. So there's that :)

I did not solve both with the first try because I got the first one pretty easy, but when the second one came around, I felt the need to rewrite the InCode machine in a cleaner way and I was not happy separating the direct and relative and "output" ones. I guess I am missing a "reference" or "pointer" in my Python repertoire :) But it is working.

@Absinthe Absolutely take your time, especially with the Synacor Challenge! It can be a deep rabbit hole! 😄
As for my solution, you're probably in for a surprise: I'm using Freebasic! 😅 (without fancy features, so it's basically QuickBASIC)
I feel so stupid now that I saw how you extracted the Opcode with a single Mod operation!

As for being behind, Eric really said it best here:


@JJFlash Thats pretty good, It has been quite some time since i BASIC

@Absinthe Oh, thank you! 😊
To learn some Python is one of my new year's resolutions, at least enough so I'll be able to use it during next year's AoC 😁

@JJFlash it's a great ride. I have been doing it for all the posts, I am no Eric but I try to find stuff.

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