How popular/effective are straw bans? First thing, I saw a cool solution in Tahiti. They gave you a hollow raw pasta tube. Works way better than the paper ones.

OTOH, I just saw the latest Coca-Cola commercial. After the puffin opens the Cole with his beak the Polar bear gives him a plastic bendy straw. Forget that birds can't use straws because they have no lips. As soon as I saw it, I expected outcry and boycott and offence against coke. Still haven't heard anything.

@Absinthe I have seen those pasta straws on web reports, yes -- and they are compostable after use, or you can chomp it down yourself and get some nutrients. Definitely better than plastic straws either way.

@design_RG they don't really taste like much, and in cold drinks they don't soften noticeably. Although, I wouldn't mind a twizzlers an a good day

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