New poll for Emacs and Vim users only, which is your favorite.


@freemo and there are also vim versions of the space layer stuff

@Absinthe yea Spacevim, but its far less popular. I've never done a real deep dive on vim or emacs until lately. So I'm really not sure what Vim would offer me that Emacs + Evil wouldnt.

@freemo the ability to support African children :)

The biggest "offer' is its ubiquity but as resources become cheaper, I am sure there will start to be more default distros that come with Emacs by default.

I think the bigger deal is more people moving to SCITE or Electron based editors. More of the CUA/SAA than either Vim or Emacs. Or IDE's in general.

@Absinthe Actually last I checked in 2019 vim was still a pretty strong choice among developers. Checkout the stackoverflow survey it goes into some crazy detail.

@freemo and, if you have to use Eclipse there is a plugin called Vrapper that makes the whole editing experience tolerable.

Another interesting thing is whether Vim people use Vim keys everywhere they can. Like vimperator in the browser, or 'set -o vi'on the bash command line and so forth.

@Absinthe What i like about vim is the keys are easy to remember, its why i like evil-mode flavors like spacemacs. The popup help as you type in spacemacs and doom-macs though is a clear winning feature for me

@freemo in general popup help tends to be irritating. But that is me. I have hated it since VB3 or so. :) For most code that I type, I don't need pop-up help anyway. At least not constantly. But you can get popup stuff in vim if you like. And now you can get it asynchronously too.

@Absinthe It is non-intrusive on spacemacs and doom-macs. If you know the command you type it so quickly the help at the bottom never shows. If you dont know the command and stop half way through it shows after a few ms delay. So it only shows when its needed and even then doesnt really get in the way


@freemo yeah you can get that in vim. I have it setup to give me the linting and documentation data as I type in vim. I usually have that turned off and only let me know when I save. But, that is all available in both places.

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