Is anyone interested in, or has anyone been a part of a programming or coding club?

@freemo Here's the idea. A group of people gets together (well virtually)
1. Brainstorm a project
2. Design the project
3. Code the project
4. Release it to the wild
5. Start over

There is a little more to it, but that is the basic flow. Add whatever other fluff is involved in a club. :)

@Absinthe Are for-profit projects the entire group benefits from an option or no?

I'd actually be more than happy to have a motivated programmer join me on some of my for-profit projects and would be happy to split profits from those projects. But I have a feeling this is non-profit idea.

@freemo I guess, why not? Adds another layer of complexity to things whenever money gets involved though. :)

@Absinthe I'd be 100% down. In fact ive tried to organize such groups in the past. A bunch of people get together, brainstorm IT company ideas, and we all agree that anything we agree on we al do together and profit from.. Sadly it can be hard to find people willing to put int he effort though.

If your looking for a project to get in on I'd be happy to bring you in on my current project. I keep it quite publicly but I can explain it in private if your interested. Its a multipart project though ive been building up in pieces for years by building other supporting projects (mostly open source), but im at the home stretch now

@freemo I am trying to get one started somewhere else, and in that particular place it will have to be FOSS.

However, I would have no problem doing it as a for profit thing, but that sounds more like the definition of a "Coding Business" I wonder if it could make any money? :)

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