@Absinthe but... but... my whole point was that it's not simple, and is an ultimate troll kata for TDD... oh well, I tried...

@namark I am doing that other one on REPL.it right now if you care to come join me :)

@Absinthe no, sorry, I must stop, its sleep time here, and I should have been working on my game of life, not getting distracted with katas... TDD vs primes was just too juicy not to snark on...

@Absinthe also that thing doesn't work on my laptop/browser, I just run the previous project locally, hence the past in ix.io instead of the fork there

@namark what? REPL.it? bummer, it even works on my phone.. :(

@namark well thanks for the snark, I figured an easy one would gauge if anyone was even able to handle TDD, the string calculator is being fun at present

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