In Arizona news, loudmouthed fascist and double-barrelled election denier (2020/2022) Kari Lake admits in court filing she has zero evidence to refute the claim that she repeatedly defamed, by name, a state election official. She had claimed for months that she was looking forward to providing said evidence in court.

The trial now moves on to the damages phase.

#Arizona #AZ #election #BidenHarris2024 #Democrats

(AP) — A court has ordered the eviction of MyPillow from a suburban Minneapolis warehouse that it formerly used, but company founder and prominent election denier Mike Lindell says it’s just a formality.

Every time I hear people tell me that we need to move away from modern #agriculture, this is the image I see. Backbreaking labor, mired in poverty, horrifying conditions.... It's not a cute red barn with happy workers in plaid Patagonia shirts.

The Brutality of Sugar: Debt, Child Marriage and Hysterectomies


Via @billkristol :

The Navy Secretary should announce a competition for best poems written by military personnel aboard aircraft carriers. And present the Tuberville Trophy to the winner at the Army-Navy game.

I apologize that I have not posted on here in awhile. I have been frustrated with the mobile apps, both the regular one and IceCubes, because, among other things, they are so slow and cumbersome that search doesn't really work.

I still don't know if that is specific to being on a small server like , though. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to get that information.

It was a minor shock to me when Threads came out how heavily the userbase chanted for a good desktop interface. My usage patterns are the exact opposite-- sitting down at a PC is a brief weekend luxury competing for other usages of time, but my phone is always with me through every wait and break. Threads prioritizing a frictionless phone app was a huge deal for me.

And of course, with their momentum there came the familiar surges of hope that this would finally be the shift in network effects we need to replace Xitter for good.

But as I renewed my self-appointed role of nagging my favorite Xitter accounts to cross-post, I realized I've been a hypocrite. If it's so easy to cross-post for the benefit of non-Nazi sites, shouldn't I practice the same in cross-posting some of my posts from Threads back to Masotodon? So I'm going to backfill some selected posts and see how that goes.

@ProfLouiseL correct. They keep promising more functionality will come very soon. It looks to me like Zuck rushed to get it out as an answer to Elon’s weird challenges, rather than waiting for it to be more complete. It’s stable, but missing key features. Don’t know which of them got played there, but the next few weeks will make it more clear.

Biggest thing to ever come out of my little group. Pls help spread this finding!

We found clean, CAUSAL evidence that the shingles vaccine prevents a good chunk of dementia cases. So, could a virus cause Alzheimer’s->YES!

Hear me out & see preprint:

Happy Towel Day to all you hoopy froods in the Fediverse!

Have a cuppa tea to celebrate the brilliance that was Douglas Adams.

There is such a delicious schadenfreude to watching someone like Musk accidentally set his crotch on fire in a massive public humiliation. When he falls down and pantses DeSantis in the process, possibly killing his presidential campaign? That's priceless! And the fact that it really casts doubts on Tucker's Twitter show ever being a thing? I don't know how I could enjoy this story more, and the writer of this brutal piece clearly was having fun with it also

We regret that Twitter Spaces’ algorithm misidentified Ron DeSantis as a toddler and ran him over

Still in disbelief over that ridiculous BBC article. "Doctors will make diagnoses based on what you tell them!" Yes, that's how it works. Unfortunately, not everything can be directly ID'ed from a microscope slide like microbes. So doctors put together a picture based on your symptoms, and when the symptoms are things you experience, whether those be physical sensations like pain and nausea or mental ones, you are a key part of providing that information. Different inputs will lead to different conclusions.

But does that mean the provider makes no difference? Of course not-- you only hear what you're receptive to hearing. I've been going to mental health professionals since I was a kid, and one in particular stands out even though I only saw her twice, a few years ago. She talked down to me from the beginning, openly discarded much of what I said, with dismissive comments like "kids don't notice things like that!" and basically treated me like I was completely wasting her time. It didn't occur to me until much later, running over and over what went so wrong and what I could have said, that she was basically assuming I was a drug-seeker. A lot of people, even professionals, don't really believe in adult diagnoses from people who are holding down a job and staying out of jail and other conspicuous crisis outcomes.

So, especially in an institution as overloaded as the with its multi-year waitlists, is it so hard to believe the bias ran the other direction, and it is the NHS assessor that missed something the other clinics unanimously saw? Maybe the scandal isn't what the BBC thinks it is. Maybe it's that Britains are waiting years for help from jaded and burnt-out officials that are often going to overlook their symptoms anyway.

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