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@ricci @regehr every problem in cooking can be solved with one more layer of indirection

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If you're using #Bandcamp, I would strongly advise getting two external hard drives depending on your size and download your purchased #music ASAP since the new owners are a marketing B2B company and I know where this is eventually going.

I would not be surprised if Songtradr is going to push the #enshittification button on it.

“No country that bordered with Poland before 1990 exists today.”

Also all countries that Poland declared war on in the 20th century were bombarded with nuclear weapons lol, we’re clearly too powerful.

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I’ve had my Steam Deck for about 2 months now and I must say it’s met my high expectations. After using it only as mobile console/laptop a week ago I finally bought a dock and the way it now acts as the living room couch console (with my entire Steam, GOG etc libraries) but also supports desktop applications, desktop mode, keyboard and mouse is sublime. Wanna stop playing and watch some videos? Sure, here’s your actual desktop browser with your extensions like adblock so that you can watch them in peace. Wanna use a search function? You can just type on a keyboard instead of clicking through a virtual one with arrows for an hour.

And of course it doesn’t try to force you to use a single vendor-controlled overpriced games store or buy some shitty, way overpriced controller that feels like a chinese knock-off of an actual controller (cough Switch cough), it’s the first console, I think ever, that’s actually yours, letting you freely choose the hardware and software you want to play with.

It’s a total game changer, a chemotherapy for the console market’s cancer. I love it.

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so I opened up the localization file:
"Wild Cards can be played any time and change the active color of play"
"If you have a lot of cards in one color, try to play as many of these cards before the color gets changed"
"Don't forget to call UNO when you play your second-to-last card!"


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* Sunset keeps getting earlier by a few minutes per day, which is sad but we can adjust to it, but then BAM we are all supposed to change the clocks so that it's suddenly A FULL HOUR EARLIER and it's PITCH DARK AFTER WORK what the hell.

"Hello I would like my saved daylight back please"

They have played us for absolute fools.

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50+ sites are using my Detect Missing Adblocker WordPress plugin, which lets you warn your site's visitors if they *don't* have an ad-blocker installed.

Huge thanks to everyone who shared it over the past few weeks!

There's a few ad-blocking methods that the plugin can't handle yet, so if you have a bit of time and necessary skills, please have a look at these open issues:

#wordpress #ads #AdBlocker #opensource #webdev #WebDevelooment #HelpWanted

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Patch for the vulnerability in bloat that allows a malicious upstream server (Pleroma/Mastadon) to return crafted JSON data in the response of an API called by bloat to make it go out of memory and cause Denial of Service.
The attack could be performed by a malicious user by connecting to a malicious server. Technically, it doesn't have to be a Mastodon compatible server, any HTTP server that'd respond to the HTTP paths requested by bloat could work.
bloat instances running in the single instance mode are not affected assuming the specified instance doesn't serve the malicious response.
The patch applies a limit on the size of the response returned by the server, currently set to 8MiB.
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Ctrl+Alt+Win+Shift+L on Windows will open Linkedin in your browser???

This OS is so fucking cursed holy shit
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Hi hello, it's me, the @bookwyrm maintainer! To support myself, I work as a baker, and the hours and physical demands of the job mean I haven't had the time and energy to give BookWyrm the attention that it needs. I'd love to re-prioritize, but to do that I need... money.

If you would like to see more, better, and faster progress on BookWyrm, consider supporting it financially:

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@Pashhur @foone Haha, imagine a post-apocalyptic world where everyone navigates by the different error codes, distress beacons, radioactive remnants. Nobody knows what 500 Internal Server Error means but by precisely timing it you can know how far you are from Belgium.

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