Pl: chrabąszcz majowy, częsty widok w większości Polski. Dopiero ostatnio dowiedziałem się jakie to jest ciekawe i egzotycznie wyglądające stworzenie, zawsze widziałem je jako buczące wpadające na wszystko bombowce albo (pół)martwe brzydkie robale leżące na plecach.

En: the maybeetle, a common sight in most of Poland. I have only recently learned how interesting and exotic-looking of an animal it is, previously seeing them mostly as the humming, running into everything bombers or the (semi-)dead ugly bugs laying on their backs.

I recently watched Look Who’s Back. It’s hilarious and well made overall. It’s also very refreshing in the age of pc to have a comedy based on literal Hitler spouting things that’d get you banned from most online forums before you had the time to type “it’s just a joke guys”. (And it most cases, despite it.)

Besides being inherently funny with the situational comedy of inserting Hitler into pretty much any modern situation, its social commentary is also pretty on-point without being annoyingly moralising.

8/10, pleasantly surprised they managed to pull it off, especially in Germany. This might also be the first German comedy I actually found funny, but then I didn’t watch many.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the second most famous Austrian that became a politician in another country.

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