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engineers will write 200 lines of code to avoid writing a single line of code twice

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I did some pre-build planning for another Terrible Keyboard and in the process discovered that you can buy uranium ore on amazon.

maybe I should scale this one back a bit

@icedquinn as long as it increases Linux market share and makes both developers give a shit about it and gamers able to use it painlessly... Once it gets big enough, developing multiplatform games should become standard simply to avoid wine's overhead and limitations.

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ME: Hello computer! Please show me what I was doing recently

COMPUTER IN THE 1980's: l cease to exist when I am powered off. Please start whatever you were doing from scratch

COMPUTER IN THE 2000's: Yep here you go champ

COMPUTER IN THE 2020's: I stored 10,000 identical copies of what you were doing in 500 different global datacentres at a carbon footprint equivalent to leaving a semi-trailer idling 24/7 and also sent a copy to the FBI just to be safe. Let me know which one you want and I'll do my best to figure it out. By the way here are 10 things which are similar to what you were doing and 9 of them are ads. Do you like this? Please select "I love this very much" or "I'll be in love with this later" to continue

@BrodieOnLinux oh nice, that was one of the rare macos features I actually liked and wished other systems had it.

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Please boost if your immediate circle contains fediverse developers outside of Mastodon.

I'm trying to determine the scope of support for the Mastodon's platform "Move Account" activity across the fediverse. We intend to use this in the relatively near future to convert all of the streams repository's ActivityPub facing accounts to nomadic digital identities - without losing all of our ActivityPub friends in the process.

I'm certain we'll find a number of fediverse projects that don't support this activity and will require manual re-friending. If you have knowledge of any platforms which don't - please reply with the platform name so that this procedure is well documented and we don't have a lot of surprises and missing friends.  Thanks.
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Small victory: #ChatControl will not come today. Negotiations are postponed indefinitely.

But in July, Hungary will take over leading the negotiations, and Hungary is adamant on introducing Chat Control.

Continue the resistance! Explain to your friends and followers what Chat Control is, what its goals are. Don’t forget about the topic. They WILL try again. But not with us!

Huge thanks to @echo_pbreyer and the reporters of @netzpolitik_feed without whom we wouldn’t even have known about it.

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I'm very into learning programming languages:

a) kind of “badly” — often never learning major features or major parts of the ecosystem, or not using very popular tools
b) with a lot of confidence -- where I feel 100% confident in the limited subset of the language that I do use
c) over a long time -- sometimes only starting to use a 'basic' feature maybe 5 or 10 years in


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modern programming is like,

"if you're using to parse http headers, you will need to also install bepis to get buffered read support. but please note that bepis switched to using sasquatch for parallel tokenization as of version 0.0.67, so you will need the bongo-sasquatch extension crate as well."

old-time programming is like,

"i made a typo in this function in 1993. theo de raadt got so angry he punched a wall when he saw it. for ABI compatibility reasons, we shan't fix the typo."

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Believe it or not, there is still plenty of interesting and exciting work to talk about that doesn't involve LLMs.

Cryptographers contributing to the IETF is working to standardize FROST, a two-round threshold signature algorithm based on Schnorr proofs, which is backwards compatible with Ed25519.

This means it will soon be possible to generate Ed25519 signatures from, for example, 4-of-7 shares held by independent parties. And the verifier doesn't need to do anything different; it's just an Ed25519 signature to them.

That's cool as fuck.

There's little-to-no hype about it.

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@Hyolobrika @mitchconner @steeznson or you might just think that's the case due to the whole retroactive translation thing. For me it also seems like I'm thinking with words, up until I encounter one of those mentioned situations that make it obvious I wasn't.

@nixCraft that's essentially what I do lol, since I play games on my desktop or Steam Deck and dev job things on company laptop.

Yeah I'd prefer linux, but good luck with that. At least it has WSL now.

@Hyolobrika @mitchconner @steeznson and of course as you mentioned it allows us to think about concepts we can't put into words at that moment.

@Hyolobrika @mitchconner @steeznson from what I can tell from both my own experience and external sources, our internal monologue isn't actually speech as we know it. It's a chain of thoughts loosely associated with language concepts and if we think on them with the language part of our brain they retroactively get translated into words, but the brain doesn't waste processing power on thinking with exact words all the time. Hence it's easier to have an internal monologue than to speak out loud.

We can also explicitly have an internal monologue coerced into words, but it's more like manual breathing.

I noticed that the most when I learned English enough for my brain to switch to thinking in it for the first time, when I was abroad and had to use it pretty much exclusively for a whole day. Since a language is also a way of thinking, I sometimes catch myself at chaining a Polish-like monologue with English-like monologue without realising it until I try to think back on it more explicitly and realise it doesn't fluently translate into either.

@icedquinn btw, why would you want that? Genuinely interested.

@icedquinn sounds like a nightmare, I'd never be able to sleep knowing I probably left my joystick for the night two degrees rear-left.

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