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For the last few years I have been really annoyed with companies that advertise so called "Gaming routers". None of them are ever capable of running any games!
So @manawyrm and I built what I consider to be the first real gaming router.
It is based on a classic, the TP-Link TL-WDR4900 WLAN router with an AMD Radeon external GPU connected via PCIe and can run GTA.


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This is a *fascinating* concept for games studies - "quotes" of a game that don't just show you a clip of gameplay, but actually let you take control and try it out. It trims the ROM down to only what's needed to run the quote, so this might even pass a fair dealing/fair use test in court if it came down to it - just like quoting a passage of text, or a clip of a movie.

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watched the Theo Netlify video since this is a topic that's important to me.. kinda an L take

any sort of pay as you use platform should support soft and hard limits, no exceptions

additionally, those limits must be on by default, especially for a "free tier"

I get the point about not wanting to ruin your moment.. but also just seems out of touch. Unless you're VC backed or have large coffers, you're always going to want some sort of upper limit in terms of spend.

People who prioritize availability over spend should be able to choose that, but that certainly shouldn't be the default.

Support shouldn't be the first line against unexpected overages. There is no guarantee there. The existence of reconciliation is not an excuse for the absence of a safety net.

And if the traffic is legitimate, yet unexpected, it's unsure what support would do in that case. They'd technically be in their right to refuse to refund. You'd want limits there.

For example, if my personal page was on one of these platforms, and an article blew up overnight on HN, I'd rather have it inaccessible to users rather than incur a large bill that the platform doesn't cover. Traffic != Revenue in this case, so I wouldn't want unlimited scale.

Lack of proper spend management, limits, and safety nets is absolutely a reason to avoid these platforms. It is absolutely irresponsible as a company to allow for unbound spend as a default. The fact people see this is acceptable is baffling. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Funny and very good express course to pronouncing written Polish. You might not be able to immediately pronounce it well, but after this video you will know how any given written Polish word or sentence should sound. And I mean it, it may be 10 minutes long, but it contains 99+% of knowledge needed to pronounce the entirety of the language.

Also the shade on English letters is 100% deserved lol

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Today on 11AM UTC parliamentary task force for fighting transportation divide of the Polish parliament will meet again to discuss the Newag trains DRM issue again.

Last time Newag representatives were giving everyone a spectacle of going offtopic and blaming literally everything on everyone just but themselves.

Later Newag CEO was said to low-key threaten the chairman of aforementioned task force during some different event.

And in the meantime new details showed up claiming that Newag Impuls trains were going into lockout mode DURING SERVICE with PASSENGERS ONBOARD while passing through Mińsk Mazowiecki station that has Newag main competitor's (Pesa) maintenance workshop nearby

This will be 🔥

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I can't say what manual I'm reading, but it feels like they were legally required to fully document the system, but at the same time didn't want anyone to understand it.

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Dear developers: Please stop using random valid domains in your examples or documentation, there are dedicated domain names and IP ranges for that.

For domain names for example use:


For IP address ranges for example use:

Reference: [IPv4] or [IPv6]

The infrastructure people.

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Domain-Driven Design: building a product out of guilt because you’ve had the domain for 10 years and the annual renewal reminder just came around again.

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shitposting, tech 

Reading HTML as "hitmyl"

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Being the responsible parents we are, we have Carbon Monoxide alarms in the house, because hey, it’s what you do. Right?

Of course, they have never gone off (knock wood), so you do tend to forget that they exist at all.

Well, yesterday one of those alarms decided that it needed to really remind us that it exists, and that it’s been ten years since we activated it. Because it’s now time to replace it.

Of course, nobody was home - except for the dog. Who is now traumatized by that beeping hell-box that suddenly decided that it was a good idea to tell everybody out of the blue that it needs replacing - at 95dB, just to make sure.

Kidde - I’m sure you could at least start out with just a mild chirp, instead of going full “the bark collar from hell” crazy. No?

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That's not rhetorical. I'm really open to the possibility that I'm missing something. It seems like people who have more concerns about privacy and safety have the ability to organize their mastodon instance so it is locked down by default. And they can open up selectively. Yes, it puts more onus on you to make decisions rather than depending on other people to do the right thing. But again, I guess I thought that was the tradeoff people were making intentionally.

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Mozilla neglecting its core product for years and losing marketshare while the suits that run it flail around wildly feels really true to its Netscape heritage.

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:ablobcatattentionreverse: A quick reminder from @eff :

:blobwizard: People are angry because they care about privacy, not because privacy is dead.

The World Wide Web is Now Encrypted
Cell Phone Location Data Now Requires a Warrant
Privacy Options Are So Much Better Today
We Are Winning The Privacy War, Not Losing It

Don’t give in to privacy nihilism. Instead, share and celebrate the ways we’re winning! :ablobcatrave:

On the topic of amazing instance administration, what was the anarchist-aligned instance the unencrypted database of which got seized by police from an admin’s home or something like that?

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no centralised social network could ever produce "the taliban deleted my account". that's a mastodon special.

They set up a queer instance under Afghanistan TLD XD

The next time you purchase an domain, It's important to see the TLD of who it was belong to and if the owner was a currently problematic country, I...
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