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when is GCC gonna have support for shock collars?
it might help to shock the programmer whenever the compile fails

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I propose the following #Kanban board stages:

- TODO (requested)
- NO GO (blocked, cancelled)
- FO SHO (doing it)
- OH NO (testing)
- YOLO (released)

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uh, yes please
i would love winamp for mac, ubuntu and android!

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:neocat_floof_mug: please amend your ticket with details if you want it processed more quickly
:revblobfoxtrash: lets have a meeting!
:neocat_gun: just amend the ticket istg
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Last year I started a company, Workbrew, to provide the missing features and support for companies using Homebrew.

Workbrew is now available in private beta. It provides MDM integration, fleet configuration and remote brew command execution.

All our customers get hands-on bespoke support from the longest-running Homebrew maintainer (me!).

Happy to answer any questions here, via DM or book a call with us

Please boost or share with anyone who might be interested. <3

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This looks interesting

Hurl is a command line tool that runs HTTP requests defined in a simple plain text format.

It can chain requests, capture values and evaluate queries on headers and body response. Hurl is very versatile: it can be used for both fetching data and testing HTTP sessions.

Hurl makes it easy to work with HTML content, #REST / SOAP / GraphQL APIs, or any other XML / JSON based APIs.

(Built with #rustlang powered by #curl)

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pronouncing "schizophrenia" with the German "sch"

Imagine if ESRB ratings worked like YouTube. Four ratings:
1. Fit for babies
2. Adults only 18+
3. You can't make money on it
4. We will hunt you down

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You know, in the 80s people often said things like "in 40 years, everything will have computers in them", and while they weren't wrong, they severely underestimated the situation.
Our computers have computers in them. Those smaller computers often have even smaller computers inside them.

We didn't get a "everything is a computer" future, we got a future with fractal computers. The fuckers have metastasized

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offf, this story about how Google made google search into a pile of seagull shit hits me hard:

Around the time of this story, I was living through a similar situation in my work life (on a much smaller scope, of course, first, Tumblr later).

Back in 2019, working on WordPress, I started finding myself, almost weekly, arguing against people who wanted to take the product we were working at and made it worse if that mean they could squeeze 0.1% more revenue from it

The 0.1% figure is not even a random number: I remember this speciffic A/B test on that was declared a success and shipped to 100% of the users because it increased the free-to-paid conversion by 0.1%. Soon after it was released, I found out that as a side effect, it increased the churn of free users by 20 something %,so I called for an urgent rollback and removal of the change. So I was promptly explained that we didn't care about free-users churn, because finance had calculated the average long-term value of the free users to be something like $2 per year, and the increase in conversion was bigger than what we could get from them.

Everything became about growth hacking. Everything became thinly-veiled dark patterns. In our private dev slack channels, we joked that since it was impossible to make it smaller or less conspicuous, the next thing the growth team was going to ask us to do was to make the 'free plan' button flee away from the mouse pointer when the user tried to click it. We kept making our product worse, we kept consciously crippling the cheaper versions so we could force people to move to the more expensive options.

Back then I was the lead of one of the two dev divisions working on, so my job was mainly to discuss what we were going to be doing, when and how. And I was getting drained by a constant state of fight against a constant wave of shit they wanted us to build. So much than by the end of 2020, the CEO quietly told me to follow the growth team plans and shut up or step down.

So I requested to move to tumblr, because I thought the pastures were greener over there. But it was all the same: Adding login walls to what we were pretending to be "the last bastion of the free internet", cramping in embarrasingly obvious money-making schemes disguised as features, and making them silently opt-out instead of opt-in so the less people the possible would deactivate them, having to fend off the pressure from the CEO to make everything algorithmic timelines because, you know, tiktok makes a lot of money and why aren't we, etc etc.

I found myself in a place where building something good that people enjoy using was no longer a priority, but tricking people into generating more money for the company was. And when I looked around me, I could see that happening everywhere else, not only in my company. Experiencing the start of the enshittification years from inside wasn't easy.

And, as in the article, the people who decided to turn the shit-metter up to 200%, have a name, in every case. And these people, no matter if they are called Sundar and Prabhakar or Matt and Mark, are destroying the internet. These people are milllionaires, or billionaries, and are destroying our shared, common spaces to squeeze some extra cash from us.

That's why the fediverse and its principles are important. Because that's how we take back internet from their dirty hands. That's how we make internet resilient against them. That's how we build the commons.

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Question: Why do most programmers/developers use a dark theme while writing software/code?

Answer: Because light attracts bugs.

rant about the English language 

It's unfortunate that the #1 international language ended up being English. With its complete pronunciation anarchy it's impossible to tell someone over writing how to pronounce something, or in some cases even describe a sound, without digging up example words. And even that isn't foolproof since they fail at consistently pronouncing their own language and the same written word can have completely different pronunciation depending on accent.

Every single other European language I know of would be better. Yes, even French, they write 4x what they read, but at least they do it fairly consistently. No "ghoti" situations. No cases where an adult sees a written word and isn't sure how to pronounce it.

In some better timeline the US ended up speaking Spanish and a whole class of worldwide communication problems was avoided.

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Bad idea: an external floppy drive that can appear as a mass storage device of arbitrary size. The way it works is it has a little screen, and you use that to configure how big you want it to be, then it formats the proper number of 3.5" floppy disks.
Then when the PC tries to read a sector that's not on the current disk, the display will just prompt you to insert disk #47 or whatever.

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Made a dumb website so I wouldn't ever have to Google "tm symbol" again.

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