Something to think about since I'm having to deal with this right now:

As I am having more and more people around me who are stressed over the holidays, I am slowly starting to feel more and more stressed myself... by them. It's easy to see how this can cause a chain reaction, a snowball effect.

So if you are stressed, and that stress is affecting your attitude, try with all your might to not let that negatively impact how you are with other people. Because they might be stressed too, but worse than that, they may also already be dealing with 30+ people who are stressed and maybe they do let their stress affect their attitude.

Don't add to someone else's stress with your stress.

I'm seeing more and more people be short with people, rude to people, some are more sensitive and more easily hurt, and a whole host of other situations come up that just don't happen as frequently any other time. And it all comes back to me to deal with. This causes me stress.
What I'm trying to say is, remember that everyone else is fighting a battle as well, that you don't know about. Don't let your battle add to their battle.

Share kindness and well wishes despite the hard times, because if we can all do that, maybe none of us would be quite as stressed.

@AutismFather Thank you for the reminder. I'm glad to say at work we have a good team. We help one another and kid around with one another in good spirit. And a good HR department that shares in my concerns for my personal situation is so very helpful. It also helps to have such good people to check up on me here.

I hear you loudly and clearly on this, and completely agree!

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