Elon Musk and Autism/Aspergers

I certainly don't speak for all autistic people or for the autism community in general, but as an autistic person and someone who knows many autistic people who are kind, compassionate, honest, and decent human beings, I feel compelled to make this statement:

Elon Musk is an egotistical narcissistic megalomaniac who is out of touch with reality, power hungry, entitled, privileged, corrupt little man but nothing he does or thinks or says is because of autism.

If anyone is writing about him, or reporting on him, or making any attempt to analyze what is going on in that head of his, please keep autism out of the equation.

Does he actually have Aspergers, like he claims? Who knows. He says he does but clearly he lies. A lot. I don't know him well enough nor am I qualified to make that assessment.

Ultimately though, it doesn't matter. Autistic people can be evil too. It just means that autism isn't the reason.

So please do myself and all of the autistic people I know and any who agree with this statement a favour and leave autism out of the discussion.

@AutismFather I'm waiting for him to claim Native heritage. Everybody's doing it.


Correct. What people infer as "evil " or "good" people are personality differences.

If a person has a low Honesty-Humility - they tend to be what people may call "egotistical", "narcissistic", "megalomaniac", etc.

"nor am I qualified to make that assessment"

I recommend 'H Factor' book to anyone that is interested in the science of personality differences.

A paper by the authors doi.org/10.1177/10888683145238

@AutismFather I am actually hard #Asperger and i do very agree to you

Thats why we have to triple defend our disability - not just because we are different, and because we are not the same as more mild and social capable #autistic people - but also because NTs treat us as we would say "Asperger" as an excuse for lazy shitty behaviour

@AutismFather hard agree.

I believe in self diagnosis so I just believe him when he says he is autistic.

Being Autistic changes the way we process information. But it has nothing to do our conscious choices on what to do with that information.

Elon Musk uses it for cruelty and as a scapegoat to rationalize and absolve himself from his own abhorrent behavior.

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