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If I may quote Hamlet, act 3, scene 3, line 87:


Interesting blog post by Marc Watkins: “AI detection isn’t going to work—but that’s not going to change our desire to have a tool to detect what work was written by a human vs. generated by an AI transformer.”

It's really weird to me at this point in computer history the primary reason to upgrade a computer is that the web browser companies stop supporting your OS. OSes no longer provide new or useful features over time, app compatibility no longer matters because everything new is on the web. But to keep using the web you have to upgrade your browser, and that occasionally means you have to upgrade your OS. Without this you could probably keep using computers from the last 15 years for like, 20 years

The latest article on in the NZZ is now much more critical than the first one; the incoherencies are clearly too important to overlook.

Ich suche wieder eine Assistenzperson in Bochum.
Ab Februar 2023, 80 std / Monat, 13,50 /std  
(ich versuche in den nächsten Monaten eine Erhöhung zu bekommen)  
Mehr unter dem Link
#Bochum #Essen #Dortmund #Ruhrgebiet #Ruhrpott

I’m reading “The last Chairlift,” the latest novel by John . Somewhere in the middle (chapter 37) there is a scene when in the early 1980s, the narrator together with his stepdad Elliot, who is then a transgender woman, visits a dying (AIDS) former lover of Elliot—Charlie. Charlie’s wife is miserable, his nurse Peter is homophobic and full of hate.
I’m pretty sure I saw this scene in a movie years ago, but which one and when? Did Irving borrow from himself or someone else?

Neujahrsansprachen waren schon #ChatGPT, bevor es Chat GPT überhaupt gab.

Every time I update "AI Text Generators: Sources to Stimulate Discussion among Teachers," ( I see a few avatars at the top keeping me company.
I hope community discussion comes out of the resource area at

#AIED #AI #OER #WAC #writing

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