I was today years old when I discovered the concept of „

(or actually, the-day-before-yesterday, during Mary Macken-Horarik’s keynote at , but today the book arrived)

Geburtstagströöt für @gimsieke

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, lass Dich feiern und beschenken

Produced in iA Writer within one week: 37’841 surviving characters in +/- 15 writing sessions for a paper I promised to write

I can haz weekend now?

And when using austrian-journal-of-development-studies.csl from zotero.org/styles/austrian-jou it does not quite fit.

So of it goes to @true_mxp to make it fit by putting parenthesis somewhere else

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And how would’ve guessed it?

It is a mess, ahm, a “hybrid,” apparently.

Please, why do people do this and not either use an existing one or at least provide one if you really have to invent one

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I should carefully format the list of references as can be seen from some examples. Which look, hm, mixed, somehow?

So I asked ChatGPT

Early January this year I bought Santa Claus with “Weihnachtsgans Auguste,” and finally they are in the open!

Weekend mood.

(comic by Liz Climo, not sure if she is here to tag her?)


The Bär(lender) has landed!

Dankeschön @kiki ! Am meisten freu ich mich über das Titelblattoriginal, obwohl der Spiegel sicher lügt, wie alle Spiegel. Bären sind nicht dick, nur wuschelig


@Ekynos Tada! Geburtstagströt für Dich. Lass Dich feiern und beschenken und alles Liebe für die nächsten hmzig Jahre :)

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