Had a little exam this evening. In the middle of it, I felt restless. My legs and hands started to shake. My chest felt squeezed.
Now that i check my answers, i realize that i did bad. Many mistakes because of my lil panic attack.

Do you believe in afterlife?
In my opinion, afterlife is an idea we, humans, created just to make ourselves feel better after a close one of ours dies. To make ourselves feel like we never lost them and they are at peace.

भारी भारी लय भारी,
काय कसय, मजेत आहे ना सर्व,
पाणी वगैरे ठीक, थंडी पडलीय, स्वेटर घाला मग।।।

@imshayna may be they have not added delete facility here right now...

@_lunawinters Well, we dont enforce a topic. So you can chat about anything you like, science related or not. We are a STEM instance that means almost everyone in here works in STEM or at least wants to be around people who do. Some people are studying, or just really interested in STEM too. With that said, we post about whatever we feel like talking about.

Don't want to leave this site for dinner,
What should I do...

Auto language translate ,
How can I use this facility here.....

Can I change the setting to night mode...
Any suggestions please..

Hi everybody,
Though am little confused about using this new Social Media, but still am looking forward to learn more about it,
Let me introduce myself here with all of you
Am chetan badhe from Maharashtra, India,
Agriculture graduated. Free lancer in agriculture produce..
Trying to connect farmer to consumer ....

Chalo ise bhi aajmate hai.
Kya bala hai mastodon ye to dekhte hai....

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