“AAaargwannawannaaaagongongonaargggaaaaBLOON!” which is the traditional sound of a very small child learning that with balloons, as with life itself, it is important to know when not to let go of the string. The whole point of balloons is to teach small children this.”

― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

🔭 Here's my latest space photon catch! I put my photon trap out to snag them up just before they hit my driveway after a journey of about 3,650 years.

A lil' glimpse of the Seagull Nebula in Monoceros.


Find out who lives near you. What do you have in common, what do you need.

Try to get everyone together to meet each other. That's step one for our collective Liberation.

Find out what you can agree with, what the neighbourhood needs to improve, what you all can do.

And then, organise.

A community garden, a tool or toy library, a maker space, a composting station, a bike repair/donation hub.

Small, local initiatives that will build resilience and community.

This is how we survive.

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Using a pagan holiday called Sadeh, young people took to the streets of some cities in #Iran chanting, "Death to the dictator" and "Poverty, corruption and the high cost of living/We will go until the regime is overthrown." The cities of #Sanandaj, #Kerman and #Machhad (the clip) are places where protests took place tonight. Women, many in Kerman, were chanting #Women_Life_Freedom around the straw fires unique to this holiday.

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Join us for our next 'What Economists Really Do' talk on 20th Feb, when @maxkasy@twitter.com will talk about the political economy of AI, and make a case for why we need democratic control of the means of prediction. #EconTwitter #AI #WERD

Register now: ow.ly/4V0K50MBkFG

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Why is gravity so cheap?

Why Because it's mass-produced.

Last week I was a student for five days, five hours per day—with ChatGPT fully integrated into teaching. Here's what we learned, just in time for Spring Term (which starts tomorrow. Class was Malware Analysis, taught by @jags alperovitch.sais.jhu.edu/five-

Taliban has banned women from seeing male doctors AND banned women from seeking medical education to become doctors. This is a sure fire way to kill women. It’s beyond barbaric.

Moreover, Prophet Muhammad (sa) declared education incumbent upon women AND declared medical knowledge as the most worthwhile knowledge. Taliban extremists ignore that entirely—because they fear truth, justice, and empowered women.

Taliban are enemies of all humanity.

Here is my latest image from last night! The great Orion Nebula (m42)

It sits at a distance of about 1400 light years from Earth, and is a great stellar nursery. Stars are born here!!

Taken with my 200mm newt at f3.8. This is only 39 minutes total exposure time 🤯

#astronomy #astrophotography #astrodon #universe #space

"Iranian authorities have arrested a 28-year-old Baha’i musician, amid an intensified crackdown on members of the persecuted religious minority.

Armed forces raided Elmira Rahmani’s house in the central city of Isfahan on January 17 and took her to an unknown location. Her personal electronic devices and musical instruments were confiscated.

There was no information available about Rahmani’s whereabouts and the charges against her."



With the rise of self-driving vehicles, it's only a matter of time before we get a country song where a guy's truck leaves him too.

The Inigo Montoya method of greeting people.
Step 1: Polite greeting.
Step 2: Your name.
Step 3: Relevant personal link.
Step 4: Manage Expectations.

#Iran court imposes 10-year prison sentences on 2 leading members of persecuted Baha'i religious community

Mahvash Sabet, 69, and Fariba Kamalabadi, 60, sentenced on November 21 after 1-hour trial

Both women previously served 10-year prison terms


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